Standard Privacy screen

  • Made from high quality shade cloth
  • Fixed to the inside rear of your float
  • Rolls up out of your way when not in use
  • Down to give you privacy when tailgate is open
  • Centre full length zip to allow you access from the rear of your float


Deluxe Privacy Screen

  • Full block out with the option of a shade cloth centre panel
  • Tonnou sides and roll up centre panel which can be down for full privacy
  • All materials of high quality


Float Paint Protectors

  • Stops your horse damaging the paint work on your float
  • Protects float from feed bag rub marks


Internal Divider Screen

  • Divides float
  • Protects Kitchen area

Plastic head divider cover

  • Keep horses from touching each other
  • Horses can still see through

Vent insect screens

  • Keep insects and dust out
  • Screen drops down for vent access

Guard Covers

  • Stop you horse kicking wheels on float
  • Prevent your horse having his leg stuck in-between your wheels

Coupling Cover

  • Protect the coupling from the weather
  • Keep insects out

Wheel Covers

  • Protect your spare wheel
  • Printed or plain covers available