Bernadette Marantelli and Veronica Hunt Miruby Park – Clarkefield VIC


In late 2015 we commissioned a 17-foot horse float from ‘L&B Floats’. To say the least, the service from Litz and his wife Bernadine was absolutely amazing. No question was too difficult and no solution too hard; our every whim was accommodated for. This was critically important to us as we had been knocking around in the family’s 30-year-old straight single loader for approximately 8 years travelling to a wide variety of equine events and competitions. Camping over was not a joy in the old float. Despite the fact that it had loyally served us for so many years we did, a long time before it was retired, outgrew it. So what should be purchase to replace it? L&B Floats came to our rescue and provided us with all the options, choices and answers.

Today we travel in spectacular comfort. You might see us on the road in our extremely unique, one of kind, purple 17-foot home away from home and horse transporter.

Litz and Bernadine created for us a beautiful upfront living quarters where we now enjoy the luxuries of a bar fridge, TV, microwave, kitchen sink with water, abundant storage and the piece of resistance the adjustable kitchen table and padded seats which convert to the bottom of two bunk beds. The 12v and 240v electric facilities and on-board storage battery gives us the ability to run all of our electrical items and have lights on and smart phones and tablets charging away. We now enjoy running our little heater in winter and fan in summer via our generator which plugs into our system when we can’t get immediate access to mains power supplies. The system also accommodates solar panels as well to maintain charge in the on-board storage battery. The Anderson Plug between the car and the float allows for the refrigerator to be running during transit without exhausting the on-board storage battery and actually charges it up as we happily drive along.

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Bit of a delight is the on-board camera system which allows us to clearly see how comfortably our beloved horses are travelling during transit from within our vehicle. We find this particularly reassuring on long trips, hilly and windy roads, in poor weather conditions and then also and probably most importantly when travelling on open highways with trucks passing and forbid when we have to go through the City or on City bound roads and get caught in traffic jams which can be highly anxiety provoking. On-board cameras? Definitely a must.

Our horses enjoy large adjustable side loading bays where they can stand and move and adjust themselves without knocking legs or getting fussed over inadequate room. Our horses always politely loaded but now they self-load keen to get on as soon as they see they are having a trip on the float and this is absolutely no exaggeration. We are confident that the ‘rock and roll’ suspension and side loading features and the overall stability of the float and the range of air ventilation units throughout the float (in human living quarters and in the rear horse floating compartment) has significantly contributed to the calmness in which our horses both approach and enjoy their floating experience.

Our extra-large tack box which sits to the rear of the horses’ transport bays is easily moved around on the hinge system allowing for easy access to three saddles and all of our gear and grooming supplies. The large tack box compliments the additional tack/storage box which is found at the front of the float as is the case with most modern floats. Plenty of consideration has been given in our float to the storage needs of the horses and their humans. Overhead storage cages, to the rear of the horses during transport, gives us even further storage and is where we keep all of our saddle blankets, day rugs, transport cottons and emergency spare wet sheets and donnas. Rarely now can we say that we have left something behind at home and often are in a position to help out others who are running around in a panic at an event trying to find a piece of mislaid equipment.

The adjustable horse transport bays are easily removed and the rear of the float can be converted into another large sleeping space where we fit in a queen size portable bed on a frame. The bed when not being used is stored in the corner cupboard to the front of the horse transport bays a very clever recent addition to the ‘L&B Floats’ by Litz. Thanks also to the handiwork and genius of Bernadine we have beautiful removable purple curtains which cover the windows and ensure that we have an undisturbed sleep from intruding light.

On road the float tows like an absolute dream and far exceeds the old little straight two loader that we did many a mile with. The stability on the road and the electric breaking system is second to none.

So if you are considering buying or commissioning the build of a new float to specifically meet your needs it is our strong view that you just can’t go past an ‘L&B Floats’. We looked at many and we questioned many builders of floats and it was ‘L&B Floats’ that passed the test and we are a pretty tough audience to please and with our new ‘L&B Float’ we couldn’t be happier or more thrilled.

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Our experience of ‘after sales’ service? Absolutely amazing. Litz and Bernadine are so proud of their work and set such high quality standards that if you pop a call and they are available to receive your float and help with a repair or improvement they do this without question. They never give you the feeling like you are an imposition, even when the repair is your fault which is often so in our case! Litz services all of his floats with a pride and diligence to detail which is reminiscent of a service of yesteryear; you know you are always driving a top quality product when you are on the road carrying your most treasured possessions; your family and your horses.

We highly recommend ‘L&B Floats’.

Natalie J Donaldson

customerfloat1Bernie & Litz of L&B Floats are just amazing. It is so hard to separate the good, bad & ugly when buying a horse float. There are so many manufacturers, all making the same claims. Trust played such a big part of my decision. Litz & Bernie were enormously helpful throughout the process, and the end result is a truly beautiful float. I can’t actually believe it’s mine to be honest.

My float tows like a dream, and the design and internal layout is brilliant. What I also appreciated was being able to tweak things with the design that allowed me to build exactly the float I wanted. Nothing was ever too much trouble; they gave me their honest opinion of things and had ideas about what I could do that I hadn’t even thought of. At every stage of the process, these guys were awesome. Their product knowledge is incredible.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stopped and asked about my float. It is absolutely my dream float. I just love it. I would not hesitate for a single moment in recommending Litz & Bernie of L&B Floats. The after sales service has been great too.

It was very clear that they are extremely proud of their work and went to great lengths to ensure that I was completely satisfied with every aspect of my custom built horse float. Their attention to detail, quality materials, superb workmanship and prompt finishing time took the stress out of purchasing a new float.

It was a proud & exciting moment when I drove out of their driveway for the first time.

Meg Rac


“I am so incredibly excited to finally have the float I have dreamed about.Litz and Bernie have been wonderful and catered for my fully custom float build in every way! Nothing was impossible! The float tows beautifully and the horses travel well! I’m also impressed with the post purchase care and advice with the float. Any questions or gadget troubleshooting were answered straight away. I receive a lot of comments about it and I’m so proud that I own it! It is just amazing!!! Thanks guys for making it all possible!!

Joanna & Dean

Last December I purchased my lovely L&B float from Litz and Bernie and I could not be happier with it.
I could not fault the workmanship or the customer service I was provided with then and even still now when I have the odd question. L&B Floats are definitely worth the investment and can be customised to your liking which was my favourite part.

The worst thing is seeing it get dirty and a few stone chips already! It tows like a dream, the horses have plenty of room and it is so easy to load and go. Thanks for the wonderful service.

Lyn and Brett Young

We purchased our Beautiful Custom made L & B 3HAL 12 months ago

We were blown away by the superb customer service we received, the great advise & tips , from knowledgeable horsey people ensuring we got a custom designed float to suit our needs.
Not only are these floats designed to the highest safety designs, they are built strong to last with quality finishes from the internal/external camera, adjustable bays, Air conditioning /heating extra height rubber lining, the beautiful paint work.
It tows beautifully & I am so impressed with my float i still have pinch myself. I would definitely recommend L & B Floats to anyone wanting a quality float at an affordable price.

Renee Neubauer

Some 12 years ago I was at a show and admired the float next to me. I met Litz and Bernie who were more than happy to let me crawl all over it. I was looking to buy a new float and Litz said he builds them. I got excited but would have to wait a while. I asked him for advice on who I should go to , he recommended a local builder and Litz helped me through the process but that’s what Litz is like always helping with honesty and integrity. I kept that float for 11 years. But time came to get the dream triple angle load with all the trimmings. I couldn’t go to anyone else but Litz and Bernie. They helped me custom design my float with such detail I was blown away. Everything they said they’d do they did but with extras. I can’t say enough about the float ( every time I’m out with it there’s always people saying ” can I look inside? ” ) but really you can not have two better people help you design your float. Never do they not answer your calls,fix anything that you’re not happy with , all they want is for you to be happy and your horses safe. I can say yes to both. Highly recommend L & B Floats. Best floats on the road.

Sophia Currie

I have been taking my float to Litz for a number of years now for upgrades and service. Litz always given me honest advice, excellent service and he is so reasonably price. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone.[/blockquote][blockquote type=”left” cite=”Mary Crea ” id=”” class=”” style=””]We bought our l&b 2 horse 11ft 4 straight load float 2 years ago. We Absolutely love it. Tows like a dream and Bernie and Litz gave us the best customer service we could ask for and they are two of the nicest people to deal with. Always happy to give advice and so much care taken and nothing is ever too much trouble for them.  I would highly recommend purchasing a new float or having any repairs or accessories added from l & b floats.

Bianca Giampaolo

I would highly recommend L&B Floats to anyone that is wanting a high quality float without the hefty price tag.  I had a horse that had major floating issues, and since having my new L&B Float he is so happy to travel in the float and will even self load with ease.  The Service provided by Litz and Bernie is above and beyond expectations.  Thanks Guys, I LOVE my new float!!”

Jodie Meyer

I would like to thank L & B Floats for their exceptional service, they are very easy to deal with and always willing to help. They have some great ideas. Would highly recommend them.

Niree Weybury

After searching around for a new float for quite a while, I finally decided on an L & B float. The service from Litz & Bernie was outstanding; nothing is an issue for them. I am so happy with my new float – it has everything I need and tows like a dream. Now I’ve owned an L & B float – I wouldn’t consider another brand. Thank you very much Litz & Bernie.

Michelle Mathlin

I purchased my L & B horse float at the end of 2014 as I needed to upsize for my two large horses.  Litz and Bernie made the whole experience of ordering my float a wonderful experience,  from there attention to detail and making things happen within a reasonable timeline!

I am thrilled with the final product. It not only offers me the extra space I was after, added luxuries and a pleasure to row!

L & B offer continued support with there thorough servicing and any extras should you wish to add to your float! I couldn’t be more happy. I love my L & B float!